How Cat Work Boots Solved My Knee Pain

As a machine operator, I have worked with Caterpillar track loaders in the construction equipment industry for more then 17 years. Working in the industrial industry I started to need a pair of more supportive and safe work boots.

About 3 years ago, I was working and I started to feel a sharp pain in my upper knee. I was very worried because I had no idea what was causing the pain. Nothing heavy fell on my knee, something else was causing this terrible pain. I decided to take a visit to my family doctor.

My doctor informed me that my knees must have been taking the pressure from my full body weight during normal daily activities. I knew it was from work.

He continued to educate me about the knee,” While the joint is strong, knee pain and injury are common, not only because of the joint’s complex design, but also because it is easily thrown out of alignment when the bones and ligaments it is connected to don’t perform as they should,” he explained.

I had to do something about this issue. I was actually becoming a little scared. I decided that I was going to find the correct footwear. After leaving my doctor’s office he recommended that I go see an Orthopedic. He informed me that I needed footwear that may include more or less arch support, additional heel cushioning or ankle support-as in a high-top boot.

I was doing some research about supportive work boots and to my surprise, the perfect choice turned out to be CAT footwear. I could not believe the answer was right in front of my face all this time. Cat Footwear is a division of Wolverine World Wide, Inc. and the global footwear licensee of Caterpillar Inc.

I had no idea that for nearly two decades Cat footwear created a small collection of work boots designed to provide the worker with comfort and durability that met the challenges of the work site. They actually sell a wide range of footwear – from work boots to casual footwear – in more than 150 countries worldwide.

I spoke with the Orthopedic about this brand and he highly recommended me to experiment with a pair. We decided to order the CAT Caterpillar Rangler 8″ Leather Steel Toe Men’s Boots. These CAT boots are amazing. It’s like machinery on your feet. I work in the toughest work conditions and the support is awesome.

The 8-inch full-grain upper is great for the total ankle support and protection. I needed this support, especially for the healing of my knee. This particular style has a mesh lining and sock liner that takes the edge off the boots’ outer image, making rubbing and discomfort a thing of the past for me.

I never thought I would feel so comfortable at work. I wish that I would have known about these boots a decade ago. I never knew thought I would find a supportive work boot that is as tough as the machine I work with everyday.